Grisly In Klondike “Mission Statement”



We in Klondike are independent reviewers; however we are not critics, as the critics pen is so often laced with venom. To quote William Blake: ‘The sting of the honey bee is the artists jealousy.’ Here in Klondike we make honey with no thought to sting; we consider ourselves Mother Nature’s creations and consequently heed her words of wisdom “If one has nothing constructive to say, say nothing at all.”


It is our belief in Klondike that academics do not intend to mislead the general public, however it has come to our attention that the present system of organisation within various departments, combined with the technical languages of individual departments necessary to properly convey meaning. leaves little scope for dialogue between disparate disciplines. This may be advantageous to the powers that be: the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. Your very own Margaret Thatcher infamously decried sociology because she said it had no language of its own, thus depriving academia of a meeting ground however flawed the subject was. We in Klondike do not largely subscribe to conspiracy theory literature; not being situated at any given point upon a circle politically speaking but squarely in the centre. However we are always watchful to keep an open mind. Past experience has shown us that much of the data needed to join the points of information simply isn’t in the public domain, hence the writers of such books often come away from their endeavours consigned to the ‘lunatic fringe’, it is our belief (‘true belief’ anyone) that some of these theories may indeed have valid conclusions, but without access to the relevant documents the books are next to worthless. Further it is also noted by us in Klondike that during the ‘New Age’ resurfacing of conspiracy literature many of the writers had government connections (Trevor Ravenscroft for instance) begging the question as to the agenda of such authors. It should be noted that the last time Europe was flooded with conspiracy theory books and pamphlets was during the decades before the rise of the Nazis in Germany. Adults are invariably drawn to the sensational as children are drawn to the grisly and horrid: the oglers of car crashes on motorways, we do not do it ourselves, but do not condemn it in others: there but by the grace of God go I.

“The world turns irrespective of human logic.”