Disko Obscura are first and foremost an underground boutique record label, located in New Orleans, LA. Specializing in Electronica and synth-based releases with a darker tone. Psilowave are proud to both present and represent Disko Obscura in the UK

Created by Joseph Keppel aka Joey Buttons as a platform for his own bands and a highly selective group of music by his friends, Disko Obscura has carved out a tiny niche in dark, underground electronic and dance music.

Disko Obscura has expanded to become a very carefully curated record store for the electronic cognoscenti and also a enviously equipped recording space. The label remains dedicated to the production of limited edition high quality vinyl releases of contemporary underground electronic artists. Check their dedicated label page here at Psilowave to get on board with the Disko Obscura sound. The catalogue ranges across minimal synth, post-punk, disko, italo, house, future funk, ebm, techno, soundtracks and more…

For US customers or to reach out, please access the Disko Obscura site directly at “Disko Obscura