Psilowave are elated to represent Dominance Electricity in the UK! The German record company and its sub labels Electro Empire and Ground Control cover the full spectrum of “proper” Electro from the golden age of 1980’s Electrofunk and Miami Bass to the 21st century styles of New Electro from deep space melodic to dark droning robotic.

Originally founded in 2001 as a sub label of the Breaks label Dominance Records (est. 1996, responsible for the Battle Of The Year Soundtrack series), Dominance Electricity soon took over the stage and was transferred into a stand-alone label including its own sub labels.

Dominance Electricity is now established as one of the most dedicated New Electro labels on the planet, remaining steadfast in its support of the genre through the years when Electro had been all but written off as a footnote in the history of dance music. The label boasts a formidable roster of the most talented artists working in Electro today include Jackal & Hyde, Dynamik Bass System, Blastromen and Dagobert… Nuff said!

With Dominance Electricity you can rest assured that Electro is in safe hands and the future never looked brighter or sounded fresher than it does today. Psilowave are ecstatic to be able to represent Dominance Electricity within the UK. Visit the Dominance Electricity label page here at “Psilowave” to browse the full catalogue.