Psilowave are ecstatic to welcome Library Of The Occult to our dark coven of represented labels. Library Of The Occult is a U.K.-based record label that offers soundtracks for late night incantations, world building, and mystical realms.

Label owner Tom McDowell has been pushing the limits of dark synth and imagined soundtracks since he first began making music as Dream Division. He expects nothing less from his own record label. Since its introduction in the summer of 2020 we have seen new music from Dream Division, Ogre, and Timothy Fife that has delved into classic Gothic literature, occult themes, D&D, and contact with worlds beyond our own.

Each release is a chapter in an ongoing tale of the beyond, curated for those that seek what’s behind the veil. Every album is an artist locking into synth-heavy worlds, establishing all-encompassing musical narratives which share a common goal of atmosphere and dark escape.  Library Of The Occult invites you to delve into their analog tales, spin their black circles, and follow along as they form a musical yarn for the ages.

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