New Psilowave Site Launched

Finally we arrive! “Psilowave” An online record store with a difference. Over one year in the planning and a labour of love for both Psilowave and Ethical Design web development. We are delighted to land here in cyberspace and we hope you find much here that will intrigue, please and upset you…

Exclusive UK retailers for our favourite record labels

Most of all we are thrilled, excited and amped to be able to not only present, but be the exclusive UK retailers for some of our favourite record labels: Cadabra, Ultimae, Virtual, TXT and Dominance Electricity. Each of the labels has its own feature presentation on our homepage and their own dedicated label page on site, The labels specialise in certain genres from the most sublime Ambient being committed to disc (TXT and Virtual), to cutting edge New School Electro (Dominance Electricity) via perfectly chilled electronica (Ultimae) and spine tingling tales of the macabre underscored with eerie ambience (Cadabra). We are also an official stockist for the awesome Waxwork Records and are delighted to be able to showcase their titles too. So check them out, you will not be disappointed. Direct access to Cadabra Records and Waxwork Records.

Electronic Ambient and Soundtracks Specialists

Psilowave specialises in Electronica Ambient and Soundtracks but there is much here for heads of all persuasion, from Old school Electro jams to Psyche Rock and via the filthiest of Hi Nrg. No genre is off limits. If its dope it’s here, and if it’s here its dope! Hard copy is king and vinyl and CD still reign supreme here. There will also be occasional accessories too. Most products are brand new and sealed, but to ignore history is unwise, so we also trade in used titles, of which nearly all will be in Near Mint condition or Excellent condition, with the occasional VG+, there’s a handy grading guide on site so as to avoid the old “One man’s NM- is another’s VG+ “ nonsense. There are multiple tunnels through the site via “Genre” “Artist” or “Label” etc… So whatever you are looking for just dive in. If the walls start crawling with geometric shapes and confusion throws complexity where there is none then seek solace in the filter. Open it from the main “Shop” page and away you go, everything there is broken down for your ease of perusal.

Deeper than just a record store

If you want to get to know who we are, then please feel free to get in touch.

There is much to come… “The Otherness” section of the site is where you will find interviews with artists, label owners, researchers and leading philosophical thinkers on the fringes of science and culture. There will also be reviews on both music and film. Beyond the mainstream, this is where we unashamedly go off reservation. Here also lives “The cultist” writing exclusively for Psilowave on subjects as far out as spirituality, phenomena and psychedelia!

So for now, a friendly welcome and a curious hello to all who enter. We hope that somewhere here you find a musical map to assist you on your internal journey.

“Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there”
– Rumi