Pre Orders Launched At Psilowave

Psilowave Pre-Orders Launch Newsletter


Another lengthy wait between Newsletters!!! At least we can’t be accused of spamming…

First of all let us extend our gratitude to you all, your support has been really appreciated, and also a warm welcome to all the new subscribers. Before we kick off, and due to the huge amount of information to share, we have decided to break the newsletter mail outs into genre related news and try to send one out weekly at least for the next few weeks. Thus keeping the newsletters shorter and more specific, once we have caught up we will try to get one out at least every month covering all relevant bases. So, hopefully over the coming few days and weeks you should see news from us regarding Soundtracks, Ambient, New Labels, etc…

Pre-Orders are finally here! As many of you may know, we were reluctant to operate a Pre-Order system when we launched, maybe we were too old school? But we always liked the idea that stock was in hand and ready to ship immediately before taking orders. After speaking directly with some of you and also running a poll on Social Media it appears that the vast majority want to have Pre-Orders as an option at Psilowave. So… you got it! We have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

So here’s how it works:

Pre-Order items can be found under the “Shop” menu as a sub menu or directly in the header bar in its own “Pre-Orders” menu. They will also feature in the main Shop area, Recent Additions and in Recommends.

The Pre-Order release will clearly state (Pre-Order) in the title, then inside the product listing there will be details in the short description about the pre order process and also the estimated shipping date, if we have a clear date that will be given, if not we will state as close a timescale as possible.
Expected arrival dates are approximate and cannot be guaranteed. If there is delays in receiving stock that you have Pre-Ordered you will be notified via email.

When ordering Pre-Order items please pick your required shipping method at the checkout (if you are purchasing other items you will be prompted to choose whether to have both items ship together on the date the Pre-Order arrives, or you can split the shipping and have items delivered separately.
You will be emailed as soon as the Pre-Ordered release arrives in stock to confirm shipment date and that item has shipped, and also with any tracking details if applicable.

Okay the boring bit over, now the good bit! As a thank you and a celebration of the launch, the first 5 Pre-orders through the checkout will get 10% discount. You will need to use the code preorderlaunch10 in the coupon code box at the checkout, and yer done. Don’t sleep though, the code expires after 5 uses, and all releases, as always are Limited Editions!

To launch we have 5 titles for pre order and many more being added over the coming weeks. Something for every Psilowavian. There’s 2 Cadabra releases (well there had to be!) The massively anticipated Call of Cthulhu, unabridged triple gatefold on Transparent Green vinyl and Thomas Ligotti’s haunting The Bungalow House!

The Real Gone Music re-pop of Alan Silvestri’s killer “Predator” score on Limited Blood Red & “Predator Dreads” Blue Splatter Vinyl.
For the Ambient heads the beautiful reissue of Ishq’s classic “Lyght” and the other-worldy electronic ambience of the new Nacht Plank odyssey “Nemmit Con”


That’s your lot… For now! The hour once again grows late and it’s time to settle in to a comfortable chair and select a “quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore…”