The Cultist Arrives

Transmission Begin:


We are friendly.
We are not like the others…

Welcome to Notes from the Cultist! Your roadmap for navigating the trails of the fringe. Here at The Cultist HQ, our aim is to bring you miscellaneous brain candy on the anomalous, speculations on the weird and news items for scholars of esoterica. So… How very curious, a record store which also contemplates the Isness of existence and the strangeness of “The Otherness”… Recruited by Psilowave and allocated a peculiar arena in which to ponder the mysterious and forgotten. The Cultist transmissions will be at you when they at you, but the aim is to drop a regular monthly ramble off the reservation.


Note from the Cultist is inspired by years of discourse between three kindred freaks, The Cultist (that’s me!), An Agent (proprietor of Psilowave), and The Sage, (an adept Yoga teacher). The three of us were brought together by a synchronistic, serendipitous series of events which could only be the contrivance of the Earth Coincidence Control Office (E.C.C.O).

Now lands Psilowave, an uber cool outpost for the discerning vinyl record collector. It was October 2016 (at the apt setting of a Goat gig), during the development for Psilowave that I was graciously invited to create a public platform for our armchair theorising, with deep gratitude and much trepidation, I accepted.


Dictionary definition of “Cultist”:

  1. a member of a religious cult
  2. a member of an unorthodox cult who generally lives outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader

Neither of these comes close to our agenda. We just thought it was a sweet name! Do not be deceived by the moniker my primate friends, you won’t find burning eyed fanatics here! But seriously, the name in intended to evoke the occult, culture and cults. Besides, it fits perfectly with our logo. And the origin and meaning of the logo I hear you whisper in the privacy of your mind?


The design is an original creation but conceptually inspired by the mission patch worn by the 22nd Airlift Squadron based in California. In the dark of night, this secretive squadron fly cargo planes containing black project aircraft from their aerospace designers to military installations for testing. The patch carries the words “Don’t Ask! It’s NOYFB” meaning “None of Your Fucking Business”. I said we were fringe! We syncretised this black ops lore with an occult aesthetic to create our very own brand logo. A thousand blessings to my brother for working his graphic alchemy on this one.


The Cultist (or Jonny to those still plugged into the matrix) is me. I’m bringing Notes from the Cultist to you from the party capital of the galaxy, my not so humble hometown, Newcastle upon Tyne. I’ve been an avid follower of occult subjects since childhood, my various fascinations include shamanism, ufology, cave art, eastern mysticism, alternative history, megalithic sites and anything Terence McKenna has ever uttered. You can reach me here.

Generic Primate Warning

You are about to set foot in a melting landscape. This might all amount to the ravings of a diseased intellect or it could be the hard line to the secret truth of the universe. We offer no warranty here – “a fool who persists in his folly will become wise” Likewise, “a fool who persists in his folly is just a damn fool!” With that admonition in place, let us step through the paisley door…

Everything we contemplate will be viewed from a psychedelico’s angle: Skewed, colourful and profound. For now, strap in and hold tight! By the pricking of our thumbs, something strange this way comes…

“To fathom hell, or soar angelic, you need a pinch of psychedelic”.
-Humphrey Osmond

Transmission End.