connect ohm 9980 CD

9980 (Vinyl LP X 2)

New Condition


Ultimae proudly presents the new remastered edition of Connect.Ohm‘s first album 9980 a subtle and emotive story born of the musical encounter between Hidetoshi Koizumi aka Hybrid Leisureland and Alexandre Scheffer aka Cell.
/Written & produced by Alex Scheffer & Hidetoshi Koizumi.
/Mastering by Vincent Villuis & Vladislav Isaev | Ultimae Studios.
/Artwork by Arnaud Galoppe & Vincent Villuis.
/Words by Nocturnal Ghost | Igloomag


The nine tracks on 9980 compose a serene ballad in atmospheric realms where finely chiseled rhythms and fluid melodies are sustained by discreet downtempo grooves and deep drones.
/Koizumi’s widely spread, otherworldly, organic, sustained wizardry, compliments Scheffer’s spiraling, liquid, delicate yet sumptuous acid ambient type architecture. This combination creates a kinetic and spacious tapestry that stimulates the mind and soul. A pure delight for vast soundscapes audiophiles.