the inner space agilok blubbo vinyl lp
01 the inner space agilok blubbo vinyl lp
the inner space agilok blubbo vinyl lp
01 the inner space agilok blubbo vinyl lp

Agilok & Blubbo

New Condition


Brand New. Seal has been carefully split to confirm colour variant (Red).

LP edition – red vinyl version! Deleted and hard to find.

The Inner Space is the stuff of legend. This obscure outfit is best known as the antecessor band of Can and not much is known about them except it featured the core members of Can (Irmin Schmidt, Holger Czukay, Michael Karoli and Jaki Liebezeit) and lasted just a few months before renaming themselves The Can and releasing Monster Movie.


They left two ultra-obscure seven inches as their only recorded legacy and only the first of them is credited to The Inner Space, it contained two songs taken from the soundtrack of 1969’s underground film Agilok & Blubbo. Given the obscurity of both the band and its recorded output, we’re proud to present, for the first time to the public, not only the aforementioned singles but the complete soundtrack to Peter F. Scheneider’s offbeat political satire Agilok & Blubbo.

Previously unavailable until now, the original master tapes of this soundtrack have been stored in the archives of legendary German producer and music publisher Hans Wewerka who produced the recording sessions back in 1969. Here you can hear history in the making, the first step of a group of musicians who’ll go on to achieve fame, success and recognition over the ’70s, helping define a sound (often called Krautrock) that has been highly influential to this day. Those familiar with Can’s output will recognize some of the band’s characteristic sound, albeit in an embryonic form. Songs like ‘Agilok & Blubbo’ or ‘Kamera Song’ already hint at their later pop brilliance whereas the short cues and extended free jams found elsewhere in this soundtrack reminds us from the heterogeneous roots of a bunch of musicians coming from rock, jazz and avant-garde backgrounds.

All in all, an excellent glimpse into the early stages of an innovative band developing its own musical language.

Track List

Number TitleLength
A01 Agilok And Blubbo3:46
A02 Es Zieht Herauf4:37
A03 Dialog Zwischen Birken1:47
A04 Michele Ist Da1:36
A05 Mama Mama3:52
A06 Kamerasong2:29
A07 Zwischen Den Bäumen3:55
B01 Zweige Und Sonne0:12
B02 Revolutionslied1:51
B03 Der Letzte Brief1:25
B04 Probleme2:12
B05 Flop Pop3:32
B06 Apokalypse10:30