solar fields altered second movement vinyl lp

Altered – Second Movements

New Condition
Also on:CD


Gatefold cover, double LP
“Brown in Beer” vinyl (300 copies)

Written and produced by Magnus Birgersson in Studio Jupiter, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Mastered By Robert Elster


Altered – Second Movements.
Originally released in 2010 on a limited CD run and never reissued since,
Altered is a reworked and beatless version of the album Movements,
released one year before (and reissued by Sidereal in 2018). Such close
connection can be seen in each track title, too, which clearly reminds of
their original Movement version.
Altered is one of the many examples of Solar Fields ability to paint different
moods, always maintaining a strong, recognizable personality. A darker, yet
dreamy atmosphere permeates these eleven tracks, which wil find their
way to wax for the first time ever