solar fields altered second movement vinyl lp

Altered – Second Movements

New Condition
Also on:CD


Gatefold cover, double LP
/”Brown in Beer” vinyl (300 copies)
/Written and produced by Magnus Birgersson in Studio Jupiter, Gothenburg, Sweden.
/Mastered By Robert Elster


Altered – Second Movements.
/Originally released in 2010 on a limited CD run and never reissued since,
/Altered is a reworked and beatless version of the album Movements,
/released one year before (and reissued by Sidereal in 2018). Such close
/connection can be seen in each track title, too, which clearly reminds of
/their original Movement version.
/Altered is one of the many examples of Solar Fields ability to paint different
/moods, always maintaining a strong, recognizable personality. A darker, yet
/dreamy atmosphere permeates these eleven tracks, which wil find their
/way to wax for the first time ever