ishq archetypes of light 1 CD

Archetypes Of Light 1

New Condition


Strictly Limited Edition of 150 copies. Two new albums representing a period of immense personal change for Ishq, a sensory bridge between everything lost and all that remains, from the meticulous precision of high summer skies into the dark beauty of a winter spent reflecting in all directions, free of limitation.


Gently stripped patterns of pure Cornish minimal tech, shifting outwards and forever onwards to the looping edges of deep space, a darker, timeless, broken beauty smiling with you as it all makes endless sense and navigates the void. Archetypes of light is a 2 cd set of works completed by Ishq over a number of years and taken from the Virtual world ideology of creating music that is like a moving picture or film and original , challenging and which invokes the imagination.

The nature of these 2 releases is at times quite experimental but at other times harmonious and bliss full , the terrain the releases visit is one that is both otherworldly and strange and yet at times juxtaposed with sublime subtle spaces , ethnic rhythms of an interplanetary origin flow into sequential symbiotic cascades of colour and light and the best way to describe these 2 albums is that they are a journey into the Imaginary .

Highly unique , spontaneous and origin art is rarely unchallenging