shpongle are you shpongled vinyl lp

Are You Shpongled

New Condition


The One that started it all…… The debut Shpongle and birth of a whole new genre. No description necessary. 2023 Remastered Reissue. Wide spine standard sleeve, printed inners, heavy weight vinyl, shrink wrapped


Shpongle came to light 20 years ago, emerging from the burgeoning Trance music scene. Simon Posford
aka Hallucinogen and Raja Ram aka The Infinity Project were already leading lights on the pioneering new
sonic realms of Trance music.
The Shpongle sound was formed out of the desire to share another side of the psychedelic spectrum of
music and in doing so established themselves as important innovators and arguably, inventors of genres we
now know as PsyChill, Psybient, Psydub or Psybreaks.
Are you Shpongled? contains 7 tracks of epic audio adventure. Each one taking the listener on a journey,
with sensurround sounds emerging from the caves of tribal reality. Across the globe, both seasoned
aficionados and new sonic surfers alike take delight in the original worlds of sound explored by these
visionary pioneers on their debut album which still takes pride of place in many collections.
The Shpongle sound planted sonic seeds in fertile imaginations across the world and over the past 2
decades their fanbase has grown exponentially, creating an unforgettable impression on the minds ear of all
who listen. With a full live band to compliment their studio origins, Shpongle have been headlining large
scale concerts and festivals across the globe, most notably two sell out shows at The Roundhouse London
in 2009 and more recently their legendary performance at Red Rocks in Colorado where Shpongle
performed to a sell out crowd of 1000. They have also completed numerous tours of the USA with stateside
crowds showing huge love for the band and establishing a loyal following.