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B. P. Empire

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Welcome to the third album of Infected Mushroom. A stunning masterpiece, superbly executed, delightfully psychedelic without sacrificing musical content.


Epic from the first bar, Infected have found the perfect formula of psychedelic trance for today – bouncy and uplifting, yet so hard, subtle and complex. It’s unique, different, energetic. The textured madness and mind blowing melodic climax that each track contains weaves a nice electronic cocktail. Powerful drums, twisted sounds, best bass sounds and electrifying vibes. This album represents a milestone in the israeli psy-trance scene and a maturing of the genre to the next level.

B.P. Empire’ is Infected Mushroom’s 3rd studio album, originally released on YoYo/BNE back in 2001. This album is considered as the on that began Infected Mushroom’s progress away from their previous Goa Trance influenced sound that was more dominant on ‘The Gathering’ and ‘Classical Mushroom’.