broadcast berberian sound studio vinyl lp
01 broadcast berberian sound studio vinyl lp
broadcast berberian sound studio vinyl lp
01 broadcast berberian sound studio vinyl lp

Berberian Sound Studio

New Condition


The new record from Broadcast, Berberian Sound Studio, which also serves as the soundtrack to one of 2012’s most critically acclaimed films.


Picking up several British Independent Film Awards including “Best Director” and “Best Actor”, accolades for Peter Strickland’s haunting psychological thriller Berberian Sound Studio would not have been possible without the spectral soundscape created by James Cargill and the late Trish Keenan of Broadcast.
Recorded prior to Keenan’s untimely passing last year, the new songs explore a wide spectrum of sublime noise created entirely for Berberian Sound Studio. Broadcast worked closely with Strickland, as well as film’s supervising sound editor Joakim Sundström, to weave the sound within the film’s eerie atmosphere. Drawing influence from avant-garde Italian composers Luciano Berio, Luigi Nono and Cathy Berberian, the album is filled with terrifying brilliance and intensely climactic moments that mirror the madness of the film.

  • A01
    A Breeze Through The Burford Spur0:36
  • A02
    The Equestrian Vortex1:21
  • A03
    Beautiful Hair1:00
  • A04
    Malleus Maleficarum0:45
  • A05
    Mark Of The Devil0:40
  • A06
    Confession Modulation0:27
  • A07
    Monica's Fall0:24
  • A08
    Teresa's Song (Sorrow)0:58
  • A09
    The North Downs Dimension1:05
  • A10
    Collatina Is Coming1:22
  • A11
    Such Tender Things0:47
  • A12
    Teresa, Lark Of Ascension3:37
  • A13
    Monica's Burial (Under The Junipers)1:00
  • A14
    Found Scaled, Found Drowned0:56
  • A15
    Monica (Her Parents Have Been Informed)0:57
  • A16
    The Fifth Claw1:26
  • A17
    Saducismus Triumphatus0:32
  • B01
    The Gallops1:04
  • B02
    They're Here, They're Under Us0:23
  • B03
    Collatina, Mark Of Damnation1:37
  • B04
  • B05
    A Goblin0:32
  • B06
    The Equestrian Library0:54
  • B07
    The Serpent's Semen0:06
  • B08
    Burnt At The Stake1:33
  • B09
    All Chiffchaffs0:31
  • B10
    The Curfew After The Massacre0:30
  • B11
    Poultry In Mind0:24
  • B12
    The Sacred Marriage1:12
  • B13
    Valeria's Burial (Under The Fort)0:54
  • B14
    Edda's Burial (Under The Clumps)0:41
  • B15
    The Game's Up0:37
  • B16
    It Must've Been The Magpies0:48
  • B17
    The Dormitory Window0:58
  • B18
    Anima Di Cristo0:31
  • B19
    His World Is My Shed0:49
  • B20
    Collatina's Folly0:47
  • B21
    Here Comes The Sabbath, There Goes The Cross0:32
  • B22
    Our Darkest Sabbath3:08