hearts of space best of hearts of space no 1 first flight vinyl lp

Best Of Hearts Of Space No. 1 First Flight

New Condition


In this series we’ll be introducing the entire field of spacemusic, from its ancient roots to some of the most visionary electronic music of today. With its slow pace, long continuities, subtle variations and spacious images — this music has always been with us.


It was the French architect Le Corbusier who spoke of space as ‘that response to the aspiration of the human being,’ that ‘relaxation for breathing and the beating heart.’ When this aspiration creates music, we call it HEARTS of SPACE.
Spacemusic has been a continuously evolving musical tradition since our earliest expression on the simplest instruments — from the echoes of a bamboo flute in a temple courtyard or the mighty reverberations of a pipe organ in a great cathedral, to the electronic spaces of today.

  • 1A
    Free Flight
  • 2A
  • 3A
    The Great Prayer
  • 4B
    In The Beginning
  • 5B
    Life In The Gravity Well
  • 6C
    As The Earth Kissed The Moon
  • 7C
    Haleakala Mystery
  • 8C
  • 9D
    Pathless Path
  • 10D
    Cycle Song