cryostasis between static and distance CD

Between Static And Distance

New Condition


Limited to 150 glass mastered CD’s. Album sample on track 1.


A collaboration between Si Matthews and Aoide tells the story of humanity’s salvation leaving behind an earth no longer viable for life. A sonic exploration describing the search and journey to another habitable planet. The music ranges from deep space ambience to IDM and takes in some of that early 90s Warp sound along the way. As man’s destiny hangs in the balance, where will this deep space mission take them?

  • 01
    The Destiny Of Man15:35
  • 02
    Another Perfect Earth9:52
  • 03
    Termination Shock8:02
  • 04
  • 05
    Solar Electric11:03
  • 06
    Pulsating With Life11:16
  • 07
    Final Transmission9:43