master margherita border 50 CD
master margherita border 50 CD

Border 50

New Condition
Also on:Vinyl LP X 2


We all dreamt or wished to explore imaginary & far away grounds, between no man’s lands and intangible panoramas. Border 50 is a hymn to this laid-off concept, when frontiers and delineations dissipate to a wilder breadth, where, as Baudelaire would say, “Everything is beauty, luxury, calm and intense pleasure”.


Swiss-born artist Moreno Antognini aka Master Margherita treats us to a mystical and meditative album driven by low-end quiet pulses, swaddling guitar basslines, dense granular pads, giving a powerful homage to a certain definition of Doom Jazz, Stoner Rock and Nordic Ambient with influences from Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, Bill Laswell or Biosphere’s works.

Carefully crafted over the course of two years, this Border 50 album stands apart, a return to the source for the artist, hallmark of Master Margherita’s irrefutable multi-instrumentist and storyteller talent.

All tracks written & produced by Master Margherita
Except Border 50 written by Master Margherita & The Positronics
Geophilous recorded live in collaboration with Awakening Sessions
Mastering by Vincent Villuis & Vladislav Isaev at Ultimae Studios
Artwork by Arnaud Galoppe & Vincent Villuis
Photo credits : Melanie Lemahieu