wojciech kilar dracula soundtrack CD
01 wojciech kilar dracula soundtrack CD
wojciech kilar dracula soundtrack CD
01 wojciech kilar dracula soundtrack CD

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

New Condition


Limited to 2500 units only worldwide.

La-La Land Records, Sony Pictures, Sony Music and American Zoetrope proudly present a three-disc remastered and expanded re-issue of acclaimed composer Wojciech Kilar’s (THE PIANIST, THE NINTH GATE) original score to the renowned 1992 feature film BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA, starring Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder and Anthony Hopkins, and directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Composer Kilar’s score is a notable and breathtaking work – a lush, masterful orchestral swirl of dread, beauty, suspense and sensuality… The perfect complement to Coppola’s surreal gothic masterwork.


Disc One and Two of this deluxe re-issue presents the premiere of Kilar’s “composed score,” his music as originally written for the film. Disc Two also features a bounty of alternate bonus cues from this material. Disc Three showcases the acclaimed original 1992 album assembly, remastered, with additional bonus tracks. Produced by Dan Goldwasser and mastered by James Nelson, this special limited edition re-issue contains exclusive, in-depth liner notes from writer Tim Greiving and sumptuous, blood-thirsty art design by Goldwasser. This release is limited to 3000 units.

  • A01
    Dracula – The Beginning (Original Extended Version)8:53
  • A02
    The Journey (Original Extended Version)3:28
  • A03
    The Castle1:34
  • A04
    The Legacy1:45
  • A05
    Spilled Ink1:34
  • A06
    Lucy’s Party (Original Version)2:10
  • A07
    The Book (Original Version)1:32
  • A08
    To The Brides (Original Version)1:53
  • A09
    The Brides (Original Version)2:01
  • A10
    The Storm (Original Version)4:38
  • A11
    The Letter I1:13
  • A12
    Love Remembered1:08
  • A13
    Lucy’s Neck (Original Version)0:14
  • 14
    The Cinema (Original Version)2:18
  • A15
    Lucy’s Window (Original Version)1:58
  • A16
    Rules Café Waltz1:12
  • A17
    Rules Café (Original Version)4:23
  • A18
    Lucy Squirms1:12
  • A19
    The Letter II2:52
  • A20
    The Hunt Builds (Original Version)3:28
  • A21
    Dracula Revealed1:03
  • A22
    Lucy’s Lullaby (Vocal)0:41
  • A23
    The Stake0:32
  • A24
    Vampire Hunters (Original Version)1:40
  • A25
    The Hunter’s Prelude1:30
  • A26
    The Green Mist (Original Version)1:30
  • A27
    Mina/Dracula (Original Extended Version)4:50
  • B01
    The Fire1:48
  • B02
    So Cold (Original Version)2:23
  • B03
    Mina Possessed0:59
  • B04
    Ring Of Fire (Original Version)0:48
  • B05
    Race Against The Sunset3:58
  • B06
    Love Remembered/Love Eternal (Original Finale)3:33
  • B07
    The End (Original Version)1:30
  • B08
    End Credits (Original Version)3:23
  • B09
    Dracula – The Beginning (Alternate)4:28
  • B10
    The Journey (Alternate)2:33
  • B11
    The Book (Alternate)1:32
  • B12
    To the Brides (Alternate)1:52
  • B13
    The Storm (Extended No Choir)4:54
  • B14
    Love Remembered (Alternate)1:11
  • B15
    Lucy Squirms (Alternate)1:00
  • B16
    The Letter II (Alternate)1:19
  • B17
    The Stake (Alternate)0:51
  • B18
    The Green Mist (Alternate No Mutes)1:30
  • B19
    The Fire (Alternate Introduction)1:52
  • B20
    So Cold (Alternate)2:16
  • B21
    Race Against The Sunset (No Brass)3:58
  • B22
    Race Against the Sunset (Alternate)1:05
  • B23
    Dracula Toolbox D18A0:50
  • B24
    Dracula Toolbox D18B0:49
  • B25
    Dracula Toolbox D18C0:48
  • B26
    Dracula Toolbox: Lucy’s Lullaby (Harp)0:36
  • B27
    Dracula Toolbox: Tears To Diamonds (Music Box)1:23
  • B28
    Whispered Drac (Choir)0:24
  • C01
    Dracula - The Beginning6:41
  • C02
    Vampire Hunters3:05
  • C03
    Mina's Photo1:25
  • C04
    Lucy's Party2:56
  • C05
    The Brides4:56
  • C06
    The Storm5:04
  • C07
    Love Remembered4:10
  • C08
    The Hunt Builds3:25
  • C09
    The Hunters Prelude1:29
  • C10
    The Green Mist0:54
  • C11
  • C12
    The Ring Of Fire1:51
  • C13
    Love Eternal2:23
  • C14
  • C15
    End Credits6:42
  • C16
    Love Song For A Vampire4:24
  • C17
    Mina/Dracula (Extended Suite) 5:13
  • C18
    Rules Café (Extended Album Version) 3:13
  • C19
    The Hunt Builds (Extended Album Version) 3:17
  • C20
    Mina/Jonathan (Unused Album Suite) 2:35
  • C21
    Dracula Toolbox D21 (Unused Album Suite) 3:35