Cadabra Presents Macabria By Joe Keinberger Chapbook

New Condition


Super Limited.

A Cadabra Illustrated exclusive: Joe Keinberger’s, Macabria.

Book includes 20x poems and stories & 26x interior art pages


* 60 pages.

* Offset printed on Mohawk Superfine Softwhite Eggshell archival paper.

* Dust jacket printed on a metallic black french paper with off-whiter hand screen printing.

* Signed bookmark included.


Macabria is a journey into the blackest night, uncovering the gnarled and twisted roots of what makes October the most mysterious and magical time of the year. Samhain is upon us once more! It is a time of darkness, when the veil between the living and the dead is lifted and all manner of malevolent spirits prey on those mortals who ignore the old gods and spirits of the air.  Known for his artistically distinct and original style, artist Joe Keinberger premiers his first collection of art, poetry and stories that disregards what we know as modern Hallowe’en and rips it to its core. Devils, witches, ghosts and The King October! Keep your jack o’lanterns lit, and your bonfire ablaze for the night is here and  this Halloween we will creep you to your bones.