Cadabra Records Subscription 9

New Condition


*** Important Please Note ***

1) The subscription will be despatched throughout the year as stock becomes available, there will be between 4 and 5 shipments during the year. Price is inclusive of Tracked shipping for each shipment.

2)Advance Wax Mage sales offers are excluded from the Euro subscription.  


Here’s  the line up:

* H. P. Lovecraft’s The Shadow over Innsmouth 4x LP set – Read by Andrew Leman, score by Chris Bozzone
* Thomas Ligotti, Gas Station Carnivals LP – Read by Jon Padgett, score by Chris Bozzone
* Fabio Frizzi, Dark Chamber 2x LP set (this is a brand new studio recorded and acoustic version of his Frizz 2 Fulci live set)
* Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, In a Grove LP – Read by Laurence R. Harvey, score by Chris Bozzone
* Ambrose Bierce, Oil of Dog 7” – Read by Anthony D. P. Man, score by Chris Bozzone
* Joe Keinberger, Macabria 7” – Read by Joe Keinberger, score by Chris Bozzone
* M. R. James #13 LP – A Bleak December audio play
* Sub exclusives – Themes From Hell #10 – The Shadow Over Innsmouth isolated score LP by Chris Bozzone. Halloween card, checklist, stickers and more.