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City Of Light

New Condition


LIMITED EDITION of 500 ONLY on “Indian Green Vinyl”

City Of Light was recorded in Banaras, India,and mixedin Greenpoint, NY. It is about Banaras,a city older than history, tradition, and legends.It is Shiva’s land, founded at the dawn of creation.It is India’s oldest and most fabled city. The Hinduscall it Kashi, the luminous… The City of Light.Music composed byBill Laswell + Coil, Trilok Gurtu, Tetsu Inoue,and features texts and vocals from Lori Carsonand an historical introduction by Hakim Bay


First time ever on vinyl, re-released in the Sub Rosa Blackcore series.Limited 500 copies ‘indian’ green’ color vinyl.City of Light is the sixth solo album by American composer Bill Laswell,released on July 29, 1997.
3While it may appear an anachronism in his catalog, fans of Bill Laswellwill find City of Light an extension of ideas he has explored throughouthis career. His strong interest in Eastern music and religion resultedin this 1997 collaboration with Janet Rienstra. Part sacred, spokenword, part meditative soundscape, City of Light takes as its inspirationthe holy region of Banaras, India. Said to belong to Shiva, Banarasalso contains the Ganges river: a place sought by Hindus for theircremation. Surrounding the texts is some of the most compellingmusic this genre has produced featuring Trilok Gurtu on tablas,Coil (Peter Christopherson + John Balance) on electronic, Tetsu Inoueat sound collages and Lori Carson at vocals.