sync24 comfortable void CD

Comfortable Void

New Condition


This Sync24 album is heavily inspired by the very moments when Segerstad was in “a state of inner peace, when I find myself in my studio without distractions and it feels like I become one with my equipment. And I finally managed to put words to that feeling, to me it’s a Comfortable Void.”


Composing Comfortable Void was “a real struggle for me”, said Daniel Segerstad in a 2012 interview, “the album changed shape two or maybe even three times. When I found the path, and actually gave it the title Comfortable Void things started to fall into place. […] The outcome sounds nothing like I initially intended, and it’s probably for the best”.

Originally intended to be an uptempo album, Comfortable Void ended up being another perfect ambient/psybient piece by one of Carbon Based Lifeforms two halves, where tracks recall battle droids (“Nanites”), dreams set in a concrete maze (“Oomph”) and a whole range of diverse ideas and concepts.
Named as one of the best electronic/ambient albums of the year by several online mags, Sync24 sophomore full-length was released on CD in 2012, and has been out of print since, hence here at Sidereal we thought it would be best not only giving it a new CD edition, but also making it available on wax for the first time ever.

Track List

Number TitleLength
01 Comfortable Void6:49
02 Inadvertent6:39
03 Dance Of The Droids6:37
04 1N50MN146:38
05 Nanites7:28
06 Sequor8:06
07 Something Something7:17
08 Oomph10:45
09 Wake (Live Edit)9:18
10 There Is No Spoon8:10