Das Cabinet Des Dr Caligari DVD (Eureka 2000 Edition)

New Condition


First edition on DVD
Rated : Universal, suitable for all
Language: : German, English
Director : Robert Wiene
Media Format : PAL, Black & White, Full Screen
Run time : 1 hour and 17 minutes
Release date : 18 Sept. 2000
Actors : Werner Krauss, Conrad Veidt, Friedrich Feher, Lil Dagover, Hans Heinrich von Twardowski
Studio : Eureka Entertainment


Silent German horror directed by Robert Wiene. When a young man is mysteriously murdered after being told by a somnambulist at Dr Caligari (Werner Krauss)’s side show that he won’t live out the night, his friend Francis (Friedrich Feher) is determined to find out the truth behind what happened. With help from his fiancée Jane (Lil Dagover), Francis soon discovers that Dr Caligari is actually the director of a local insane asylum and is using a deranged patient to pose as his somnambulist in order to commit a series of grisly murders. Springing into action, Francis must put a stop to Dr Caligari’s evil scheme before he can claim anymore victims.