Dr Terror’s House Of Horrors DVD 2016 New Sealed

New Condition


Rare Sealed copy of 2016 Screenbound issue of the classic Dr terror’s House Of Horrors, fearturing big players Lee, Cushing and Sutherland.

Run Time:
98 mins approx.
Director: Freddie Francis
Certificate: PG
Actor: Peter Cushing  Christopher Lee  Roy Castle  Donald Sutherland
Theatrical Release Year: 1965
Number of Discs: 1
Region: 2


Freddie Francis directs this cult horror tale starring Peter Cushing as the mysterious Dr Schreck. Aboard a train, Dr Schreck offers to tell his five fellow passengers their fortunes using his ‘House of Horrors’ tarot cards. His deadly tales include werewolves, vampires, voodoo and a severed hand. But who is this sinister doctor and where exactly is the train heading?