aythar dream of stars CD

Dream Of Stars

New Condition


Stictly Limited to 150 copies so don’t sleep! The origins are sought across the infinite universe but lies in our innermost being.
“While listening to the very special cosmic world of sounds, I find myself in distant galaxies, taking over the vibrations of the Universe’s planets and star systems, while almost feeling the great mystical entity, where we resonate with all creation! A truly amazing spiritual experience! Listening with closed eyes is even more special, because not only we feel, but we see what the vibrations that the music is conveying.


This album is a compilation of my ambient works and it invites you to a spiritual journey.
This is a musical mandala: an unrepeatable improvisation!
My music is born with pure instinct, enthusiasm and love.

Written and produced by Tamás Károly Tamás
Recorded in Budapest, Hungary between 2010 and 2015.

Inspired by Pete Namlook, Tetsu Inoue, Amir Baghiri, Jonn Serrie, Robert Rich.
Selected by Lee Anthony Norris.