fsol earthbeat vinyl lp
01 fsol earthbeat vinyl lp
fsol earthbeat vinyl lp
01 fsol earthbeat vinyl lp

Earthbeat 30th Anniversary Edition

New Condition


RSD 2022 Limited Edition.

• 30th Anniversary edition of iconic album
• Gatefold sleeve
• Double album
• Limited 1500 copies – Individually numbered


This is a very significant 30th Anniversary issue of an iconic album from 1991. The Future Sound Of London broke boundaries with “Papua New Guinea”, included here, influencing a whole new era of techno, ambient and electronic music. For the first time this album has been divided into four sides to comprise a double LP for higher end audio sound. There are only 1500 copies and each is individually numbered. It comes in a gatefold sleeve and includes new artwork exclusive to this limited edition.
Both the original single and album were a fixture on the end of year charts of many publications including Melody Maker, NME and Mixmag, whilst also achieving Best Techno Single at the Mixmag Awards in 1992.

1. MENTAL CUBE “Q” (Original) (4:12)
2. YAGE “Quazi” (6:29)
3. CANDESE “You Took My Love” (Earth Mix)(4:17)
4. FSOL “Papua New Guinea” (Dumb Child Of Q)(4:19)

1. INDO TRIBE “Owl” (4:52)
2. SEMI REAL “People Livin’ Today” (5:00)
3. YAGE “Theme From Hot Burst” (4:34)
4. INDO TRIBE “Shrink” (4;24)

1. MENTAL CUBE “So This Is Love” (4:45)
2. MENTAL CUBE “Chile Of The Bass Generation” (3:56)
3. SMART SYSTEMS “Tingler” (Original) (4:58)
4. YAGE “Coda Coma” (4:49)

1. INDO TRIBE “In The Mind of A Child” (5:01)
2. HUMANOID “Stakker Humanoid” (Coby ’94 Mix) (5:41)
3. SMART SYSTEMS “Creator” (4:31)
4. INDO TRIBE “Bite The Bullet Baby” (4:27)

  • A01
    Q (Original)4:12
  • A02
  • A03
    You Took My Love (Earth Mix)4:17
  • A04
    Papua New Guinea (Dumb Child Of Q)4:19
  • B01
  • B02
    People Livin' Today (Med Mix)5:00
  • B03
    Theme From Hot Burst4:34
  • B04
  • C01
    So This Is Love4:45
  • C02
    Chile Of The Bass Generation3:56
  • C03
    Tingler (Original)4:58
  • C04
    Coda Coma4:48
  • D01
    In The Mind Of A Child5:01
  • D02
    Stakker Humanoid (Coby '94 Mix)6:03
  • D03
  • D04
    Bite The Bullet Baby4:27