fsol environment 65 vinyl lp

Environment 6.5

New Condition


The original Environments album was conceived and written back in 1993, now on to its 6th instalment


Sweeping between luscious dreamscapes to delicately melodically compositions to intensely highly programmed electronics sculptures Environment Six and Environment 6.5 continue the journey towards the boundaries of the future of sound.

  • A01
    Axis Of Rotation0:55
  • A02
    Solid Earth3:18
  • A03
    Anacro Rhythm4:23
  • A04
    Some Degree Of Sanctuary2:08
  • A05
    Opal Light4:20
  • A06
    Something Approaching Happiness2:43
  • A07
    Dark Seed2:43
  • A08
    Tunnel North 51:02
  • A09
    Hollow Earth6:12
  • B01
    I Dream In Viral Blue4:52
  • B02
    This Place1:30
  • B03
    Aint Gonna Lie3:07
  • B04
    Next Town1:35
  • B05
    Amplification Of Intelligence2:49
  • B06
    The Day The Poles Shifted4:11
  • B07
    Somewhere Near0:49
  • B08
  • B09
    Gradual But Not Continuous3:05