dj nasd fly by night vinyl lp

Fly By Night

New Condition


Martin Zimmermann, out of Erfurt in Germany, is an active Breakdancer, DJ and Producer. After first mixtape-releases and his debut on Dominance Records in the year 2004 with the title track of this LP on the Battle Of The Year Soundtrack, he now delivers an original and consequently danceable debut album.


In fourteen songs, reaching from classic 1970s Disco and Funk to Breaks and chilled out interludes, DJ Nas’D and his Band at the Zughafen Studios Erfurt create an organic mix with groovy played basslines, driving funky guitars followed by analogue synthesizers and Rhodes Piano.
Salt is given to the soup with shout out jingles by some of the hottest activists in the Breakdance and B-Boy music scene from DJ Woodo (Switzerland), Billy Brown (France) to DJ TEE (Japan).

The Floor Is Yours!