Frank Zappa – Roxy The Movie DVD

New Condition


Brand New Sealed.

Live performance by American musician, songwriter and composer Frank Zappa with his backing band The Mothers. Filmed over three nights at the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, California, in 1973, the shows formed the material for Zappa’s 1974 live album ‘Roxy & Elsewhere’.


Frank Zappa’s concerts at the Roxy Theatre in Holywood in December 1973 are legendary. Frank and the Mothers played three nights on December 8th, 9th & 10th and these shows formed the basis of the ‘Roxy & Elsewhere’ album that was released in 1974. However the performances were also filmed in 16mm and this footage has been sitting in the Zappa vault ever since. Now fully restored by the Zappa Family Trust this live concert film is being made available for the first time. It captures Frank and the Mothers at the height of their powers and includes material that is unique to these performances. This is a highly anticipated release for Zappa fans who have waited many years for the concert footage to finally be released.

1) Cosmik Debris
2) Medley: Penguin In Bondage / T’Mershi Duween / The Dog Breath Variations / Uncle Meat / RDNZL
3) Inca Roads
4) Medley: Echidna’s Arf (Of You) / Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing / Cheepnis – Percussion
5) Cheepnis
6) Medley: I’m The Slime / Big Swifty
7) Be-Bop Tango (Of The Old Jazzman’s Church)
8) Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow
9) Father O’Blivion