globular holobiont CD


New Condition


Limited Physical self released CD from Globular. A masterwork of psychedelic synth intricacy.

The culmination of a lot of hard [and fun] work – one very real, solid, Holobiont CD, created with love for you to treasure 🙂 x


Holobiont: hɒləˈbʌɪ’ɒnt

A holobiont is defined as the host plus of all its microbial symbionts, including transient and stable members. All individuals who participate in a particular symbiosis are bionts and the entire organism that is comprised of these bionts is a holobiont. Meaning that essentially everything is a holobiont, because every macro-species lives in symbiosis with some other species. You’re a holobiont.

Infinite thanks to everyone who helped bring this album to fruition and made it possible (that includes you!), without you it wouldn’t be here for all to share 🙂 X
released April 7, 2016

Released in collaboration with Shanti Planti

All* music written and produced by Globular / Morison Bennett