House Of Waxwork Issue 4 (Silent Night Slasher Variant)

New Condition


HOUSE OF WAXWORK Issue #4 features:
All New 32 Page Horror-Anthology Comic Book
Featuring stories: Moonlighting and Silent Night Slasher
Cover Art By Geneva Talburt
All Original Music by Rami Sharkey, Kevin Dredge, The Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra, Pilotpriest, and Sub Rosa
Featuring Jonas Scharf, Christian DiBari, Clay McCormack, Simon Gough,  Jacob Sehman, Morgan Beem, and Frank Cvetkovic
The Silent Night Slasher Variant with “Candy Cane” Red and White Swirled Color 7” Soundtrack Vinyl


Waxwork is proud to present the horrifying fourth installment of our anthology horror comic book and original soundtrack series, HOUSE OF WAXWORK! Featuring all new content from contemporary writers, illustrators, and composers, this creepy series is loaded with macabre tales of ghouls, ghosts, witchcraft, the occult, the living dead, revenge, and so much more!

In the fourth issue of House of Waxwork, readers will find themselves in the passenger seat of a taxi cab amidst the company of some unusual riders in Moonlighting. You won’t see the twist coming in this gory tale that sets werewolves loose in New York City! Penned by Clay McCormack, with art by Christian DiBari, and new music by Pilotpriest.

If you survive the night, then grab some milk and cookies and get into the Christmas spirit with The Silent Night Slasher. It’s all just an urban legend until the big, not-so-jolly man comes creeping down your chimney this Christmas Eve! Penned by Jacob Sehman, with art by Morgan Beem, and featuring music by SubRosa.

As usual, your ghoulish hosts The Die-Rector and The De-Composer will take you on a journey through this blood soaked 32 page comic book that includes a deluxe colored 7” vinyl record featuring music that serves as a soundtrack to each story!

“House of Waxwork provides the throwback pleasures to a time when horror reveled in the grotesqueries of the dime store pulps, and your imagination did the rest. Just don’t feed these books and records after midnight.” – The A.V. Club