stormloop into the void CD

Into The Void

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Super rare, limited to 100 copies, Stormloop breakout on the mighty …Txt Recordings. Don’t sleep. stormloop is kev spence from Leeds, England who has been making electronic and ambient recordings since 1999.


Into the void was made over the autumn and winter months of 2014-2015.

It’s basically a diary of sound from that time, and tells the tales of weekends spent with friends, cooking good food and drinking fine wine, watching old movies to bike rides at night. Into the Void evokes the dark days and nights of a foggy autumn then the coming frosts and snow in winter. Some of the tracks are quite meditative which is perfect for midnight, sleep music while others have a dark edge that paints the picture of bitter cold winter nights outside the comfort of home.

Limited to 100 copies.