mick chillage jouhatsu CD
01 mick chillage jouhatsu CD
mick chillage jouhatsu CD
01 mick chillage jouhatsu CD


New Condition


Mick Chillage “Jouhatsu” is the fourth
CD album on Mick’s label Before & After Silence Recordings.

The CD is housed in a four panel digipak and features beautiful
minimalistic graphic design by Tony Obr.

Limited to 150 copies.


July 2021 see’s the fourth release on Before & After Silence Recordings.

Jouhatsu (Japanese: 蒸発, “evaporation”) or johatsu refers to the people in Japan who purposely vanish from their established lives without a trace. However this phenomenon can be seen all over the world.

A recent conversation with a friend on social media led me to a documentary on Youtube which focused on the culture which is prevalent in Japan, it followed various peoples stories;

Those who have arranged their own evaporation and those who are searching for missing loved ones, I found these accounts to be incredibly sad yet fascinating, that in this modern
age of information that someone could start a completely new life without a trace.

This phenomenon of Jouhatsu resonated with me & various tracks that I composed after viewing the documentary seemed to be of a similar tone/emotion, almost reflecting what It must be like for those forced into such drastic measures to leave a life & loved ones behind, to start again and also not forgetting the turmoil & anguish of those left in the dark regarding the whereabouts of someone they care about.

The seven distinct pieces of “Jouhatsu” appear to tell a story of their own, although I was not particularly aware of this during the creative process. It was sitting down and selecting the various works that I began to realise that a coherent sonic narrative had developed.

Mick Chillage July 2021
released July 6, 2021

Written, produced, recorded & mastered by Michael Gainford
at the Igloo Dublin spring 2021

Graphic design by Tony Obr.

Track List

Number TitleLength
01 Yonigeya [Night Moving]6:58
02 Hopelessly Searching 3:38
03 No One Calling21:05
04 A New Life, A New Day 6:38
5 Fukatu18:00
6 Sekentei 8:00
7 Never To Return 10:29