alio die kalisz concert CD
01 alio die kalisz concert CD
alio die kalisz concert CD
01 alio die kalisz concert CD

Kalisz Concert

New Condition


Comes in jewel case, with cover artwork by Arianna Tondo.
Limited edition of 150 copies only


Alio Die is considered one of the precursors of ambient music in Europe
His music can be described as a very spacious, experimental ambient, combined with many electro-acoustic elements.
This album was recorded at the Kalisz Ambient Festiwal in Poland.
A beautiful journey from start to finish.
released March 28, 2018

All music composed and celebrated

by Stefano Musso. Published by BMI.

Alio Die: Drones and Loops, Zither, Flutes,
Rattles and Bells, Shells, Tubes, Voice.

Tomek Pilecki and Mateusz Ciszczoń: Rattles and Bells.

Performed live at 5. Kalisz Ambient Festival, Poland, 29 october 2016
organized by Przemysław Rychlik,
with Centrum Kultury i Sztuki w Kaliszu.

Recorded by CKiS.

Cover photo by Arianna Tondo.

  • 01
    Axis Mundi II
  • 02
    Brace Di Transformazione
  • 03
    Vulnerable Choice
  • 04
  • 05
    Expansion And Contraction
  • 06
    The Door Of Possibilities
  • 07
    Time Zone Portal