Matt Ryan Tobin – The Witch Unholy Bond Screen Print Limited Edition

New Condition


Limited Edition of 125 only Worldwide.

36 Inch x 24 Inch

Screen Print on speciality Black Paper stock.

Sold out straight away. Rare.


Hero Complex Gallery have joined forces with Lionsgate to bring this new official The Witch poster by Matt Ryan Tobin.

Will ship in a strong tube, wrapped in Kraft paper. Serigraph & Silkscreen

“I saw The Witch opening week and absolutely fell in love.

It felt like a love letter to true horror fans and film fans alike. Its my kind of film in every way.
Aesthetically and sonically this film somehow captures emotion, deprivation, helplessness
and compassion as well as pure real unadulterated terror. It makes you feel something real, which
cant be argued is scattering in modern horror films.

This was quite the undertaking as I was given less than a week to conceptualize and execute a poster for a film that I really enjoyed yet was still so fresh in my mind. This was a new type of pressure and deadline I was feeling the weight of and perhaps not one I would choose to feel again haha but alas, I digress…sometimes those pressures can prove to be rewarding in the end.

I wanted to use the films palette and imagery to create something that complimented the film rather than imposing my own interpretation. I went with “less is more” here. Blackness. Ominousness. Foreboding evil. A witch embracing her master, pure darkness in the shape of a goat – whispering in his ear – I chose to go landscape with this as it tends to create more atmosphere – a very important and beautiful attribute The Witch also has.
Its not just a horror movie…its a brilliant film. “