various artists one dub CD

One Dub

New Condition


Some sweet summer rootsy dubs compiled by Andrew
Art by OnBeyond Metamedia


Track List

Number TitleLength
01 Take It Dub3:03
02 Tired Of The War3:46
03 100% Rootikal5:22
04 Welcome To My Culvert6:04
05 Just Try3:42
06 Time Bomb (Dub)5:23
07 What We Got To Do (GCorp Remix)6:02
08 Ah5:13
09 Throw Some Dub4:32
10 Good Sensi Dub 23:54
11 Dub Inna Babylon5:54
12 All Of Us4:21
13 Binman Dub4:21
14 We Make It Work (Impossible Dub Mix)5:49
15 Dub For Dennis5:29