ambidextrous radio not CD
01 ambidextrous radio not CD
ambidextrous radio not CD
01 ambidextrous radio not CD

Radio Not

New Condition


Limited edition hand numbered edition of 150 copies.

Music by Nick Zavriev
Mastered by Nick Zavriev
Artwork by Kodetwo


One day I was sitting in a café drinking my coffee and listening to some background music playing. The music was coming from a digital source and due to poor connection, the sound was stopping occasionally and then resuming after a short pause. One of those pauses came right in the middle of a Fugees song and this “glitch machine” turned “Ready or Not” into “Radio… Not”. “Okay”, I thought, “this could be a cool title for a radio station. But what kind of music should it play? It should obviously be something that a real Russian FM station cannot play in prime time in 2010s”. Finally, I came to the idea of a “broadcast from a parallel world”, like in the middle of a sleepless night you tuned to a non-existent station playing ambient techno and telling stories about music and space exploration.

Nick Zavriev 2019