mixmaster mike return of the cyklops vinyl lp

Return Of The Cyklops

Used Condition


Invizibl Skratch Pikl Mixmaster Mike and also the Beastie Boys DJ is one of the most technically proficient DJ’s in the world. Double L from the always excellent Ashpohodel label. Excellent copy Vinyl is almost NM and sleeve is great too.


The third full-length from Invisibl Skratch Piklz member Mixmaster Mike is a compilation of three previously released EPs, Eye of the Cyklops, Valuemeal, and Surprize Packidge. It’s mostly a showcase for his scratching ability, and Mixmaster Mike most definitely has skills. He fires off snippets of songs and sounds at the listener, but isn’t interested in creating his own songs and rarely spends more than a minute or even 30 seconds on one groove. The material he uses is mostly unfamiliar; he has scanned far and wide for original records and beats to screw with. However, there are some old-school snippets chucked into the mix every so often.

  • A01
  • A02
    Human Torch
  • A03
    Patrol Knob
  • A04
    Bermuda Tri-Axl
  • A05
    Counter Attack Now
  • A06
    Harsky & Starch
  • B01
    Dwarf 9
  • B02
    Cummm Get Summm
  • B03
    Dented Fridge
  • B04
  • B05
    Bazooka Kanyon
  • C01
    Messy Marvin
  • C02
    Audio Mass
  • C03
    Monster Eyeland
  • C04
    Grudge Match
  • D01