ishq sen CD


New Condition


Limited edition of 150 glass mastered cds . Ishq is back to his beautiful cosmic best with Sen which completes his mind tripology of Lyght and Fhorm


Futuristic strawberry soundscapes from binoculars and musical pieces inspired by binoculars and static caravans,flowing imaginations that are dedicated to all those who have wandered under liquid heavens that form the pace of everything and anything. Personally Ishq just wanders around and he says ” I always liked music more profound, dissipation from binoculars but many people you know dont see it as nature but as Kosmischer Laufer. The Secret Cosmic Music Of The East German Olympic Program”. Sen is an album of extensive deep meditative arboreal professional acid binocular sounds that invoke images of the minds eye of green cloud forests and rainbow controlled beer gardens.