Sleepwalker (1984) DVD – BFI Released (2015) New Sealed

New Condition


New Sealed.

Product contents 1 disc
Year 1984
Director Saxon Logan
Format DVD
Publisher(s) BFI
Countries UK
Aspect ratio 1.85:1
Colour Colour
Subtitles English Hard of Hearing
Language(s) English
Running time 59 min + 142 min (extras)
DVD region All
Certificate 15


When wealthy couple Richard and Angela visit Marion and Alex in their decaying family home, their differing social and moral attitudes create uneasy tensions. A fractious evening of drunkenness and sexual rivalry soon turns bloody as the guests fall victim to an unhinged attacker.

Featuring a rare performance from director Bill Douglas (Bill Douglas Trilogy, Comrades), and starring British screen greats Joanna David and Heather Page (both of whom would go on to work with Douglas in Comrades), Sleepwalker is an outrageous mix of biting satire and bloody horror that is at once reminiscent of otherwise unlikely bedfellows Lindsay Anderson and Dario Argento. The stellar cast also includes Nickolas Grace, and features cameos by Fulton Mackay, Michael Medwin (O Lucky Man!) and Raymond Huntley.

Remastered from the only surviving print, this unique twist on the British horror genre is presented with two shorts by Saxon Logan and the rare 1971 mid-length fantasy, The Insomniac, directed by Rodney Giesler.