ishq spring light CD
01 ishq spring light CD
02 ishq spring light CD
ishq spring light CD
01 ishq spring light CD
02 ishq spring light CD

Spring Light

New Condition


Limited edition glass mastered cd , 4 page booklet and jewel case


Spring light is the 3rd release in a series of 4 albums which started with Autumn and Winter light and will finish with Summer light.

Spring light was inspired by a series of spontanoeus sketches made using ‘ Bloom ‘ the software app by Brian eno and Peter Chilvers.

These sketches were then pushed further into time and space and began to take on the form of the final work as hidden layers and sounds were added and embellishments made and resynthesis began to take effect.

As with Autumn and Winter light the album and soundscape is largely pastoral or inspired by the local landscape down here in Cornwall but also delves deeper into local mythology and other magical aspects of the area drawing the the Genii loci or spirit of the land in larger measure to inspire and empower the work.

This work also owes some of its resonance to the plant kingdom which is never far from the heart and mind and often blooms in works like this in its own subtle way.

At its most basic level the work is aminimal and ambient one which can function both as backround atmosphere on speakers creating space and dimension in a room or as a more immersive detailed headphone experience with hidden subtle layers and fields of vision if the eye is open .

By its very nature this work is quite harmonious and meditative and soothing and not written to challenge but carry out a function as much as anything else and a subtle one at that.

Thanks should go to Brian eno and Peter Chilvers for the Bloom software used on this release which inspired and helped form the fundemental layers and component parts in the initial sketches and beds and then also to Eventide who provided the fx processing and Korg for the synthesis layers and sample technology.

As always this is a one off work and I hope it carries some energy and vision and inspires the listeners for at least a short moment in time