star trek 50th anniversary soundtrack CD box set
01 star trek 50th anniversary soundtrack CD box set
star trek 50th anniversary soundtrack CD box set
01 star trek 50th anniversary soundtrack CD box set

Star Trek – 50th Anniversary Collection – Musical Rarities From Across The Star Trek Universe (Original Soundtrack Recordings)

New Condition


Limited to 3000 units only worldwide. 4 X CD Box Set

La-La Land Records and CBS present, STAR TREK: 50th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION – MUSICAL RARITIES FROM ACROSS THE STAR TREK UNIVERSE, a sensational celebration of 50 years of Star Trek music in honor of the landmark series’ five-decade milestone. Travel at warp through Star Trek’s spellbinding musical history, with rare and exciting selections from the franchise’s varied television series, films, games, themed attractions and more!


DISC ONE features cues from the original, classic STAR TREK TV series (most of which were released on our TOS BOX SET, but have been sourced from newly discovered elements), as well the oft-requested STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE track “Inner Workings,” (featuring the wind machine more prominently) and STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KAHN’s “End Titles,” (without the narration as heard on previous soundtrack releases.)

DISC TWO showcases the official world premiere release of music from STAR TREK: THE ANIMATED SERIES, the beloved 70’s Filmation TV series, as well as original STAR TREK-inspired compositions from Ron Jones, and STAR TREK BORG, a score by Dennis McCarthy from an interactive 1996 movie/computer game.

DISC THREE features previously unreleased scores from STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, including such episodes “Coming of Age,” “The Hunted,” “Tapestry” and more, as well as the series’ trailer music.

DISC FOUR contains more unreleased THE NEXT GENERATION, including “Deja Q,” “Elementary, Dear Data,” and others, as well as unreleased demo tracks from DEEP SPACE NINE, and VOYAGER, original score from the famed Las Vegas attraction, STAR TREK: THE EXPERIENCE, and still more!

Produced by Lukas Kendall and mastered by Doug Schwartz and James Nelson, this special collection contains a 48-page booklet with exclusive liner notes by writer Jeff Bond and stellar art design by Mark Banning. This treasure trove of musical gems from the most celebrated sci-fi television series of all time has a total running time of more than five full hours and is limited to 3000 units.

Track List

Number TitleLength
A01 Main Title / End Title (Soprano Version, Stereo)1:14
A02 Love Scene LM41:15
A03 Ship In Orbit (Big) LM60:40
A04 Sad And Thoughtful On Captain’s Theme LM8–LM8A2:30
A05 Captain Playoff No. 1 (Heavy) LM20:08
A06 Smooth Neutral Ship Theme LM70:41
A07 Playoff On M.T. Theme LM10:23
A08 Fight On Captain’s Theme LM5/LM5A1:50
A09 Captain Playoff No. 2 (Neutral—Slightly Ominous) LM30:12
A10 Stingers LM17A/LM17B/LM17C/LM17D0:51
A11 New Sexy Exotic LM92:17
A12 Captain Playoff No. 3 (Sad And Alone) LM40:20
A13 Prime Specimen (“The Cage” M21–30) LM193:13
A14 Monster Illusion (“The Cage” M42) LM182:34
A15 Mr. Spock (“Captain’s Wig” From “The Naked Time” M54–61) LM163:27
A16 The Big Go (“The Naked Time” M62) LM152:30
A17 Mudd’s Perfidy (“Mudd’s Women” M43) LM10A/LM100:33
A18 Zap The Cap (“Charlie X” M53) LM111:34
A19 Zap The Cap (“Charlie X” M53) LM11A Tk 1 0:08
A20 Zap The Cap (“Charlie X” M53) LM11A Tk 20:06
A21 Zap The Spaceship (“Charlie X” M54) LM121:28
A22 Zap The Spaceship (“Charlie X” M54) LM12A0:34
A23 Zap The Spaceship (“Charlie X” M54) LM12B0:08
A24 Ruk Attacks (“What Are Little Girls Made Of?” M43A) LM131:41
A25 2nd Ruth (“Shore Leave” M31A) LM142:35
A26 No Mind / Tense Meeting / Tracking The Alien / The Question M15/M16/M21/M222:31
A27 Survivors (M21) LM1001:42
A28 Bottled (M31) LM1011:52
A29 Monster Illusion (M42) LM1022:46
A30 Monster Illusion (Tag) (M42) LM102A0:10
A31 The Kibitzers (M44) LM1030:41
A32 Vina’s Punishment (M51) LM1041:54
A33 Vina’s Dance (M62) LM1051:53
A34 Wrong Think (M73) LM1060:43
A35 Act 1 Card (M13) LM1070:38
A36 Crippled Ship (M22) LM1080:55
A37 Speedy Reader (M24) LM1091:06
A38 End Title (M64) LM1100:24
A39 First Goner (M14–21) LM111 Tk 30:48
A40 First Goner (M14–21) LM111 Tk 40:49
A41 Dressing Down (M23) LM1140:08
A42 Monitor Gizzard (M25) LM1130:14
A43 Monitor Gizzard (M25) LM113A0:09
A44 Lazer Dazer (M45–51) LM1122:44
A45 Dodo Girl (M52) LM1150:09
A46 Drugged (M25) LM1161:23
A47 Mace Fight (M61) LM1170:59
A48 Mace Fight (M61) LM117A0:18
A49 Down The Throat (M58) LM1181:13
A50 Arrows (M61) LM1191:25
A51 Bumper (Broadcast Edit)0:06
A52 Bumpers (Alternates)0:25
A53 Paramount Television I.D.0:05
A54 Paramount Television I.D. (Alternate)0:04
A55 Inner Workings (Alternate Mix)4:03
A56 Epilogue / End Title (Sans Narration)8:41
B01 Title Theme1:01
B02 Captain’s Log1:19
B03 Something Ahead0:54
B04 Evasive Maneuvers1:07
B05 Sensor Data1:07
B06 Intercept Course0:14
B07 Fire Phasers0:50
B08 Enterprise Attacked1:32
B09 Illogical0:13
B10 Briefing0:43
B11 On The Viewscreen1:02
B12 New Heading0:19
B13 Scanning0:54
B14 Deflector Shields0:19
B15 Red Alert0:33
B16 Battle Stations0:41
B17 Surprise0:07
B18 Supplemental Log0:49
B19 Kirk’s Command1:11
B20 Sickbay0:28
B21 Library Computer0:44
B22 Full Power0:28
B23 Approaching Coordinates0:08
B24 The Bigger Meaning1:15
B25 Trouble In Engineering0:29
B26 Spock’s Analysis0:42
B27 Enterprise Wins The Space Race0:43
B28 McCoy’s Summary0:16
B29 Just Another Stardate0:39
B30 Ongoing Mission0:18
B31 Title Theme (Alternate Mix)1:01
B32 Sensor Data (Alternate Mix)1:02
B33 Enterprise Attacked (Alternate Opening)1:42
B34 Scanning (Alternate Mix)0:54
B35 Turbolift Music0:29
B36 Mr. Arex Lends An Extra Hand0:38
B37 Fascinating0:17
B38 Don’t Mess With M’Ress0:22
B39 Oh My0:17
B40 Spock’s Quick Analysis0:22
B41 Yellow Alert0:26
B42 Off Duty0:15
B43 Suite: Stingers And Act-Out Music2:03
B44 The Ascent7:43
B45 Meaning 2:27
B46 Pathway To The Stars3:17
B47 Main Theme1:02
B48 The Legend Of The Borg1:24
B49 Battle At Wolf 3592:58
B50 The Battle Rages0:58
B51 Club Q0:55
B52 I Am Berman Of Borg1:36
B53 Goldsmith Has Been Assimilated!1:37
B54 Welcome To The Collective Cadet2:22
B55 Searching The Borg Ship2:20
B56 Time Is Running Out1:17
B57 Escape From The Borg Collective1:42
B58 Borg Hell2:03
B59 You Will Be Assimilated. Have A Nice Day2:21
B60 “Resistance Is Futile, My Ass!” / Finale7:25
B61 End Titles1:03
C01 Star Trek: The Next Generation Main Title (1st Season, Alternate Take)1:48
C02 Physics / Shuttle Fuss3:35
C03 Air Bounce2:04
C04 Competition2:14
C05 Decisions2:04
C06 Flares3:04
C07 Precious Cargo2:10
C08 Four Out Of Six1:03
C09 Searchin’1:10
C10 Memories1:19
C11 U.S.S. Yamato / Vaporized1:22
C12 Floral Tea / Otis’ Revenge2:07
C13 Romulan Misfire / Phasers / Escape / Goodbye Iconia2:27
C14 Diversion2:16
C15 Dad / Mom’s Double2:04
C16 Release / Ceremonial Worf / Off Into Space4:01
C17 Into The Pit3:01
C18 Escape Artist / Melee3:28
C19 Breakout0:32
C20 Phased / Geordi4:14
C21 Confronted / To The Stars3:30
C22 Condemned1:22
C23 Lookin’ Fine1:44
C24 Lazarus3:48
C25 Choke Hold / Explanatory / El Ascencio5:11
C26 Delusionary4:08
C27 Saint Q2:05
C28 It’s A Wonderful Life / Deja Vuosity / War Stories3:18
C29 Instant Family2:42
C30 Wolfman Riker3:09
C31 Theme From Star Trek: The Motion Picture (30-second Version)0:33
D01 Theme From Star Trek (TV Series) (“Gene Roddenberry 1921–1991”) (Unused Alternate)0:10
D02 Soft / Student1:04
D03 Unique / Welcome / Data0:48
D04 Problems / Land Of Living1:41
D05 Scared (Broadcast Version)0:47
D06 One Way Trip1:08
D07 All Of It0:57
D08 Tractor Moon / Hoisted2:58
D09 La Paloma1:13
D10 Coffin Spike0:45
D11 Planet Vegas1:12
D12 Hat Trick / Sir Guy / Nottingham Castle / Maid Marian (Unused) / Betrayed3:21
D13 To The Block / Swordplay / Game’s Over4:16
D14 Adieu1:04
D15 Plucking Three0:13
D16 Sherlock Tones0:55
D17 Dead End / Turtleback0:36
D18 Short Goodbye1:21
D19 Holo Tolodo!4:02
D20 Peace Dividends / Gloria / Blown Away1:39
D21 Juke Boxer3:29
D22 How High The Moon3:36
D23 Moonlight Becomes You2:55
D24 Andorian Blues0:37
D25 Aktuh And Maylota0:49
D26 Melor Famigal0:58
D29 Sextet #1 In B-flat Major, Op. 18 (II, Andante)1:53
D30 Klingon Encounter4:24
D31 Borg Invasion 4D7:22
D32 Main Title Demo1:59
D33 Single Bridge Demo2:24
D34 Main Title Demo1:51
D35 Lookover / Maiden Voyager1:34
D36 Opera Alla Alienosity1:11
D37 Dance-O-Matic2:28
D38 Communique (C)2:33