dividenthal aumgn the in sound from way out CD
01 dividenthal aumgn the in sound from way out CD
dividenthal aumgn the in sound from way out CD
01 dividenthal aumgn the in sound from way out CD

The In Sound From Way Out

New Condition


Limited Edition of 200 only Moving off the Zeit label Lee Norris and Matt (Ishq) now take their far out electronic ambient weirdness worldwide on Carpe Sonum’s Novum imprint.

4 Panel Digipak –
Music by Nacht Plank and Ishq.
Recorded in Cosmix Caravan, North Wales 2018
Music recorded to Cassette Tape
Digital Conversions by Crowbar Stardust
Mastered by Black Particle


If you’ve been hungering for a return to the great and legendary synthi environs of krautrock’s hoary yesteryears, look no further than the work of the appropriately nicked duo of Dividenthal & Aumgn. Upon experiencing the sweeping analog vistas of their debut for Carpe Sonum, one might imagine a couple of hirsute, cloaked avatars hunching over banks of keyboards and vintage ‘tronix, swaying in penitent hypnosis. Actually, the two gents behind the enigmatic moniker are none other than longtime electronic mavens Lee Anthony Norris (aka Norken, Metamatics, Nacht Plank, et al) and Matt Hillier (aka Ishq, Indigo Egg, and dozens of others), who’ve decided to set their controls for the heart of the galaxy on this enthralling slice of primo post-Teutonic space juice. And lest you think they’ve gone the way of endless Tangerine Dream/Klaus Schulze clones past and present, disavow yourself of that notion immediately—the two have a long history of generating wonderfully awry sonic textures that are at once peculiar, perplexing, and profound. If anything, the closest antecedent for these six tracks of fetching interstellar blip ’n’ tickle are Julian Cope’s Queen Elizabeth project, as well as the pioneering studies found throughout the catalogs of Oskar Sala, Charles Cohen, and plenty of other hip critters tickling the fancies of their beloved Buchlas, Moogs, ARPs, and suchlike. What it all boils down to is that this is utterly spellbinding stuff, fleet of touch, percolating to the muse of the two lads’ own analogics, and with sci-fi imagination to burn