ishq tren CD
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ishq tren CD
01 ishq tren CD
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Super Limited to 100 copies only worldwide!

‘ Tren ‘ relates to the Hilltop fort called ‘ Trencrom ‘ in West Cornwall and is an album inspired by this and other local high points and sacred sites of West Cornwall as well as the underlying Mythology and Genus Loci or spirit of the landscape.

The music talks of the spirit of place both now into the distant past and the memory the land holds and which can still be felt and experienced today.

Mixed for headphones or subtle level speaker listening .


Tren ‘ is the first release on the second of a number of new label / Imprints called ‘ Inland ‘

The music on ‘ Tren ‘ is largely ambient in nature and kind of ‘ Nordic ‘ or northerly in feel possibly and heavily inspired by the landscape and nature and skys and stars and elements .

The focus with this music was mood and emotion and a sense of past as well as the archaic memory of Landscape and inspired by local high points and hills in West Cornwall as well as the spirit of the place and memories the Landscape holds and conjures up.

Its a minimal work but one with some haunting emotion and designed to create space and a sense of peace as much as a sense of Spirit.

‘ Inland ‘ as an Imprint will focus largely on music which relates to Landscape and symbolically represents music which conveys the Genius Loci or spirit of place or Landscape but also relates to our own personal inner imaginary landscape and aspects of the Spirit land within us.

‘ Inland ‘ relates to all these things .

Single Glass mastered cd album in 6 page Matte laminate Gatefold Ecopak