mick chillage two days CD
01 mick chillage two days CD
mick chillage two days CD
01 mick chillage two days CD

Two Days

New Condition


Mick Chillage “Two Days” is the first CD on Mick’s newly formed label
Before & After Silence Recordings. The CD is limited to 150 copies
and features two long-form Ambient works. Two Days PT 1 & 2.
Part 2 is a new piece composed for the CD and was not previously available digitally.

The CD is housed in a four panel digipak and features beautiful
minimalistic graphic design by Tony Obr.


Towards the end of 2019 I wrote & recorded Two Days part 1
at this point it was just titled “Two Days” as I had not intended to compose a second part. My initial idea was to perhaps to do a series of long form works which would be released in the digital format, providing the inspiration continued to flow. In early 2020 I released “Two Days Pt 1” on bandcamp only and the response and support seemed very positive.

A few more long form works happened from week to week and then the Covid Pandemic lock down arrived, I found myself out of work as many others did and my long form works seemed to be a nice antidote for many who now found themselves in a new and very uncertain routine.

Many people asked if I planned to release these works on CD, which I liked the possibility of, however due to the proficient output of my work I doubted that any labels could take it on, so I decided to launch my own label to release these works. The original “Two Days” clocks in at 40 minutes so I decided that I would return to the piece and re work it and include a second part to give my fans/followers something extra if they wish to purchase the CD and also to utilise the space on the format.
released December 27, 2020

Written, produced, recorded & mastered by Michael Gainford
at the Igloo Dublin 2020

Artwork & design Anthony Obr