solar fields until we meet the sky vinyl lp silver marble

Until We Meet The Sky Silver Marble Variant

New Condition


Limited Edition of only 100 Silver Black Marble Vinyl Variant.

Magnus’s 2011 landmark album is now brought to a new life after being masterfully remastered by Robert Elster at Elster Mastering studio.


A stunning masterpiece from Swedish composer Magnus Birgersson who once again takes us by surprise and delivers a wide, lush and electric 10th album.

[ Until we meet the sky ] has a an intensely cinematic sound; from introspective, wispy and intimate ambient electronica it slowly builds up to a shoegazing spirit engulfing the listener in an ethereal dreamworld.An album of dizzying beauty composed by Solar Fields as a one track story in twelve phases from nightscapes to the sky. Deep and addictive.

Track List

Number TitleLength
phase 01 From The Next End9:18
phase 02 Broken Radio Echo3:55
phase 03 Singing Machine6:55
phase 04 After Midnight, They Speak3:40
phase 05 When The Worlds Collide6:33
phase 06 Dialogue With A River10:06
phase 07 Forgotten3:15
phase 08 Night Traffic City9:53
phase 09 Sombrero5:45
phase 10 Last Step In Vacuum9:11
phase 11 Until We Meet The Sky5:01
phase 12 Epilogue5:15