Video Nasties (Forbidden Horrors & Dirty Synth Scores) Blu Ray Mixed & Edited By Cinema Therapy

New Condition


Ultra Rare and Super Limited:
Spacetoonz Presents Cinema Therapy’s Audio Visual Cut Up of Video Nasties (Forbidden Horrors & Dirty Synth Scores)

Las Vegas DJ/Filmmaker Jimmie Gonzalez, returns with another mind-melting video mix, this time paying tribute under the moniker CINEMA THERAPY, to one of the most controversial era’s of exploitation horror cinema.
VIDEO NASTIES: Forbidden Horrors & Dirty Synth Scores, features 15 of the United Kingdom’s 72 listed horror films deemed too extreme for the British Home Video market known as Video Nasties.
Unlike past releases, which featured various cult films hypnotically synced and edited over modern electronic dance music, Video Nasties is a 60 minute Visual DJ Mix showcasing the original soundtrack themes and scores complimented by the film’s most extreme moments in glorious high definition. The track list varies from dark brooding synthesizer cues, to ahead of its time four-on-the-floor themes, Italian prog-rock psychedelia and funky disco dance-floor fillers.


Video Film Excerpt and Track List

01. (Open) Fascinating Horror – Nico Fidenco (Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide)
02. Childhood – Tim Krog (The Boogey Man)
03. The Boogey Man (Version 2) – Tim Krog (The Boogey Man)
04. Campfire Story – Rik Wakeman (The Burning)
05. Shear Terror – Rik Wakeman (The Burning)
06. The Night the Screaming Stops – Andrzej Korzynski (Possession)
07. Main Titles – Fabio Frizzi (Zombie aka Zombie Flesh Eaters)
08. Excerpt from “The Beyond”
09. Sequenza Ritmica E Tema – Fabio Frizzi (The Beyond)
10. Excerpt from “House by the Cemetery”
11. Blonk Suspense – Alessandro Blonksteiner (House by the Cemetery)
12. I Remember – Walter Rizzati (House by the Cemetery)
13. Tema Di Antropophagus – Deak Ferance & Roger Conrad (Antropophagus)
14. Rosso Sangue (Seq 4) – Carlo Maria Cordio (Absurd)
15. Absurd – Carlo Maria Cordio (Absurd)
16. Excerpt from “Cannibal Holocaust”
17. Adulteress Punishment – Riz Ortolani (Cannibal Holocaust)
18. Cannibal Ferox Theme – Roberto Donati (Cannibal Ferox)
19. Cannibal Village – Robert Donati (Cannibal Ferox)
20. Apocalypse – Alessandro Blonksteiner (Cannibal Apocalypse)
21. Connexion – Goblin (Contamination)
22. Excerpt from “Tenebrae”
23. Flashing – Simonetti, Pignatelli, Morante (Tenebrae)
24. Intro Part 2 – Gerhard Heinz (Bloody Moon)
25. Holiday Feeling (Unreleased 12” Version) – Gerhard Heinz (Bloody Moon)
26. Theatrical Trailer “Don’t Go In The House”
27. Struck By Boogie Lightning – L’Ectrique (Don’t Go In The House)