Grisly in Klondike

We in Klondike are independent reviewers, however we are not critics, as the critics pen is so often laced with venom. “If one has nothing constructive to say, say nothing at all.”

It is our belief in Klondike that academics do not intend to mislead the general public, however it has come to our attention that the present system of organisation, necessary to properly convey meaning, leaves little scope for dialogue between disparate disciplines. This may be advantageous to the powers that be: the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. We in Klondike do not largely subscribe to conspiracy theory literature; However we are always watchful to keep an open mind. Past experience has shown us that much of the data needed to join the points of information simply isn’t in the public domain.

Grisly In Klondike sporadically submits reviews and musings for Psilowave. Gender, ethnicity and age remain unknown for what may be an individual or a collective. Any correspondence may be sent via the contact form on site.

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