Grading Guide

Please note:

  • Our grading categories and descriptions differ slightly to the Goldmine and VRG standards so please read
  • Plus ( + )  or Minus ( – )  symbol suffixes denote a very slight improvement or degradation to the attributed grading but not enough to raise or lower the item to the grading category above or below it
  • Record age is immaterial to its condition.
  • Promotional releases will be denoted in the product description.
psilowave codediscogsgoldminerecord collectordescription
New [N]MintMintMintManufacturer Sealed, seal may have been split to check colour variant. Never played. Note some CD's are manufacturer issued without shrink wrap.
Mint [M]MintMintMintAs New. Never played. No corner or edge dings, shrink-wrap is intact. All additional items such as inserts, lyric sheets and posters etc... will be perfect.
Near Mint [NM]Near MintNear MintMint / ExcellentMay have been played a couple of times but the record shows no signs of having ever been played. This is highest grade allowed for an opened, handled record. The vinyl is virtually flawless, bright and shiny. A very minor, barely visible scuff or two may be permitted, but no scratches. The disc should play with no audible noise. The label is bright, clean and unmarked. Sleeves will be near new condition. Virtually no wear to faces, edges or corners.
Excellent [EX]Near MintExcellentExcellentRecord surfaces are bright and clean but may have a few light paper scuffs or superficial surface marks that do not affect play. The record has obviously been played, but displays no major deterioration in sound quality, despite noticeable surface marks and the occasional light blemish. Sleeve may have some very minor wear to faces, edges or corners of covers.
Very Good [VG]Very Good PlusExcellent / Very Good PlusVery GoodA well cared for used record. Record surfaces may show some slight signs of wear and may have scuffs or light scratches. May have some very light surface noise or isolated crackles and pops. Labels may be marked lightly. Sleeve may have some ring wear, moderate wear to edges and corners, light creases or stress lines, and other minor defects.
Good [G]Very GoodVery GoodVery GoodRecord shows visible signs of wear. Some surface noise may be audible. Groove wear may be noticeable, as will some scratches that may cause clicks or pops. Labels may be marked. Sleeve will have heavier ring wear, edge wear and corner damage and some discoloration.
Fair [F]GoodGoodGoodLikely to be lots of minor scratches and scuffs with surface noise audible. Potential label marks and damage. Sleeve will have noticeable edge and ring wear and feature some tears, marks and discolouration.
Poor [P]Fair / PoorFair / PoorFair / Poor / BadScratched, scuffed and generally well worn with surface noise audible. Sleeve will have heavy ring and edge wear and likely tears, marks and damage. We will endeavour not to sell vinyl in this condition unless it is extremely rare and can be professionally cleaned and salvaged or where the cover is in good enough condition to warrant purchasing for the cover alone.
  • EW – Denotes sleeve edge wear
  • LM – Label Marked
  • Promo – Denotes a record label promotional release
  • PS – Denotes a full picture sleeve
  • RE – Denotes a re-issue
  • RW – Denotes sleeve ring wear
  • SPLT – Denotes split edge on sleeve
  • WL – Denotes a white label release