About Psilowave

Psilowave:  [ syh-lo-weyv / sil-oh-weyv ]
NOUN – Music, Pharmacology, Psychedelia, Physics, Freshness
(Psilo)from Greek psilo meaning to strip back, bare, the fundamental core
(Wave)a periodic oscillation, a simple harmonic motion, swell, surge or rush
(Psilowave)The fundamental wave behind all waveforms, the quantum mesh that all waves arise from. The possibility and potentiality of all waveforms.
Origin – 2016 – unknown
Example Sentences: “Whilst some record stores are predictable, mainstream and pedestrian, Psilowave most definitely are not. The Psilowave store has been known to stimulate new neurological connections in regular users and offers something far stranger and superior to most music retailers!”

“He entered the Psilowave store, and was instantaneously transported via geometric unfolding landscapes down a rabbit hole so complex he knew intuitively there could be no return, the journeys end was a world where dreams became reality!”

So…Who are Psilowave…

We are you. We are consciousness manifest in a human suit, navigating meat space.  Independent and psychedelic! We are the “Morning of the magicians” and the “Night of the living dead”.  We are the wave behind all waves… We are quantum foam, the infinite fabric of possibility and myriad potentiality before your mind collapses the wavefunction and reality becomes the now. We are neither kick, snare nor hi-hat, but rather the delicious moment of anticipation that precedes the strike. The “boy in the bottle”. The “goat faced girl”. The “cosmic carnival that camps in your mind”. We are all of these things and none of them! Deeper, darker, and far more disturbing than your average record store. Here there be music, mystery, madness, magick and mayhem! When the walls are crawling with geometric shapes we are at hand supplying psychotherapeutic tools for your psychedelic research. When the landscape starts to melt we are the suppliers of musical maps for all you intrepid psychonauts.

So…Who are Psilowave…  (Really)

Now for the sensible truth. First and foremost we are a record store. Old Skool specialists in Soundtracks and Film Scores (particularly Horror and Sci-Fi),  Electro (old and new skool), Ambient and Psybient, Electronica, and all things psychedelic. Hard copy enthusiasts dealing in luxury pressings, rarities and limited editions. We trade in both new and used product (so please view the grading guide page). Every title in the store is carefully curated to fit within the culture and the ethos of Psilowave. We only deal in fire, if we don’t feel it, it’s not here!  We are delighted to be able to promote and present to you our favourite record labels which are featured on our home page where you can access their  dedicated product and label pages, so do check them out! We are the exclusive UK retailers for Cadabra Records, Ultimae, Virtual, TXT Recordings and Dominance Electricity and feature their current catalogues as well as many long deleted titles.  We are also an official UK outlet for Waxwork Records. Alongside the music there is a whole section of the site dedicated to “The Otherness” which includes interviews, reviews on both music and film and we are ecstatic to have content from “The cultist” writing exclusively for Psilowave on subjects as far out as spirituality, phenomena and psychedelia!

Psilowaves Customers:

We are here for all Deviants, for those unsatisfied with consensus reality, for the shaman’s, the seekers, the headz, the warriors and the blissed. The observers, bandits, scientists, thieves, priests and junkies. The players and the squares. The lost and the found. The deviants, monks, degenerates, healers, researchers, mystics, psychonauts, jokers, travellers. The DJ’s and dancers, the writers and artists, the haunted and hidden, the initiated and the beginner… Come, join us.

“I feel that I am merely an agent, giving you some keys which have been given to me to pass on to you. These keys are to unlock doors out of your present prison, doors opening on new vistas, doors beyond where you are now. “John C. Lilly

PsilowaveFor when the landscape starts to melt…

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